What People Are Saying About John Haag:

From Audiofile Magazine review of “Respectable Sins” by Jerry Bridges:

John Haag’s rich vocal personality captures the author’s thoughts on what he calls “respectable sins,” which include gossip, anger, and pride . . . Haag narrates with conviction . . . changes pitch, pace, and tone as he describes how sins are so readily seen in others but not in ourselves . . .

From listener Brandon Thorn:

The final spoken word of “Toll the Hounds” has just finished and I sit here in wonder at the sheer magnitude of what I have spent the last few months absorbing. I felt the need to thank you personally for making every spare moment one to look forward to. I have read all of Steven Erikson’s books and I felt I had a good handle on the story. But after listening to your absolutely astounding reading from “House of Chains” to “Toll the Hounds,” I have truly been immersed in the world SE created in a way that I will never forget. Your voice gave the characters identity that they might not otherwise have had when read by oneself. You did an amazing job on an epic scale. How long did it take you to do them? Incredible.

From listener Rick Proulx:

I truly apologize for the bother but I wanted to contact you regarding the “Malazan Book” series that you have provided the exceptional voiceover work for. Without exaggeration the book series and your work have reawakened my love of fantasy.

From listener Josiah Calicott:

. . . I love the work you have done on the “Malazan Book of the Fallen” series. Most of the time when I really get into an audio book I quickly switch over to a written copy, since I can read much faster than I can listen and I want to find out what happens as soon as possible. This is the first time I’ve felt like I would be missing something if I didn’t stick with the audio book the entire time. I have most of the character voices in my head already, especially Kruppe. In fact, I’m not going to read the last few books until the audio book release. . .

From listener Sam Bixler:

I love the way you read the “Malazan” series. I’m almost finished listening to Toll the Hounds. Do you know when “Dust of Dreams” will be finished? I prefer your narration over reading so I’ll wait.

From listener Dan Matzkin:

I am writing to let you know how much I’ve enjoyed your “Malazan Book of the Fallen” performances thus far (I fortunately still have the last three books to look forward to). Do you happen to have any plans to narrate additional installments in the series? Being blind, I hope you, or – failing that – someone else, record the remaining books so I am not driven to desperation and forced to listen to them using my monotonous screen reader!

From listener Carol Lynch Hoyt:

Just finished listening to “Big Sky Wedding” by Linda Lael Miller, read by John Haag. Absolutely enjoyed his voice, emotions, etc. in John’s reading of this audio book, by the Library of Congress. Thank you.

From listener Jean Breugem:

I just wanted to say I immensely enjoyed your reading of “Midnight Tides”! Very cool.

Cheers from South Africa

From listener Matthew Bullis:

Hello John. I really enjoy your narrations for the NLS program. You put a lot into them. I am on my second reading of the “Nick Travers” mysteries by Ace Atkins, and am currently finishing up “Remberton,” about an Alabama town.

From listener Jason Tjan:

Hi, John! I immensely enjoyed listening all of your voice over and audio book demos. I could hear and listen to your amazing and tranquil voice over every day without getting tired or bored. Finally, I just want to say I also enjoyed watching all of your on-camera demos that they were so amazing that I could hear your interesting and passionate voice and acting.

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