Short Film with Voiceover

Title: “Channeling Rick Cluchey”

Director: Wren Ross

Assistant Director: Bruce Lundeen

Audio Recording: Douglas Stevens, Creative Audio, Belmont, Mass.

Film Production: VideoLink LLC, Newton, Mass.

“This film was created in a workshop with Wren Ross, without whose inspired direction it would not have been possible. For information about Wren’s workshops, click on

About the Film:

Rick Cluchey was serving a life sentence at San Quentin Prison when he heard a San Francisco Actors Theater production of “Waiting for Godot.” This film attempts to explore that moment of awakening consciousness in which his life was transformed forever. Before that evening, he had never been in a theater in his life, “not even to rob one.” After his sentence was commuted by Governor Pat Brown, Cluchey went on to become one of the world’s foremost interpreters of the works of Samuel Becket. Rick Cluchey died in December, 2015. I would like to dedicate this film to his memory.”
-John Haag

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